Gathering together many times we have talked about digital marketing and what we have noticed. Quite often, we have seen inappropriate marketing approaches for businesses which made us puzzle and questioned a chosen approach. It has been like this for a while.

One day, we have understood that combining our practical experience, knowledge, passion and dedication for digital marketing, we can change the situation in the online marketing world and provide for clients not endless frustration but measurable results. Eventually, we made a decision to wrap everything up in a company. The baby was born and we named “Lasting Trend”

Tim has accumulated knowledge and expertise in various digital marketing areas. ?He has deep understanding in SEO, SEM, ?UX and UI considerations, shopping campaigns, PLA, RLSA, dynamic retargeting, YouTube Video Ads, SMM, E-Commerce and Web Analytics and many others digital marketing areas. During the career Tim has independently managed businesses working as a Senior SEM Account Manager and as a Digital Marketing Director. He proudly calls himself digital marketing Guru and he is.

Vlad for almost a decade Vlad used to work in the marketing field as a brand-manager with national brands managing multimillion marketing budget. An opportunity to work for big companies(25 000 employees +) lets him know big businesses inside and out. This understanding through practice and his own experience gives him advantage quickly evaluate what you need to implement in terms of marketing strategies, techniques to make business profitable. This expertise lets him to estimate a business model almost immediately and build a strategy for upcoming marketing campaign. It is a funny fact, that working in an alcohol industry Vlad didn`t drink alcohol at all, however he had countless opportunities to enjoy it.

Emil has incredible talent to tame “beasts” like PHP, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Swift, SQL and other “monsters” from programming world. He is a gifted and talented expert who can handle almost any type of task in terms of programming. Without him our team won`t be completed and he plays a vital role in Lasting Trend company. However, sometimes when he talks to us we think that to hire an interpreter can be a good idea, because we need translation of what has been told. He is so passion about what he does that it is hard to find a person like him.

There are no approaches which work for every business. Every time we need to dig down into data and analyze it, finding what will work the best for your business. There are no easy ways to hit a goal in digital marketing and we at Lasting Trend do not promise a marvel in one night, but we do believe that you can expand your business with profitable digital marketing.

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